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On Joining Vantage (A Letter from Our Owner):

As you read this, I’m thankful that you’ve made it ​here. It means you’ve heard of Vantage, you’re curious about what we do, and that you may be interested in joining our family. After 10 years in business, interest from future “family members” is still one of our highest honors.

I’m excited to share that Vantage is hiring for some new positions. ​In the coming days, weeks, and months, my talented staff and I will be choosing ​several additions to the Vantage family – one that’s growing leaps and bounds right now, and will through the entirety of 2017. In 2016, we grew our accounts by nearly 200% (yeah, that’s more than double). Who knows what we’ll do this year, but we’ll be pushing the limits.

It’s an exciting time for our company, and we’re looking for people that get goosebumps for stuff like ​this.

A bit about our company, and then a bit about the type of people ​we’re looking for. Once you’re done here, click the links below to check out the positions we have available. ​And if you don’t see the right fit for you, that’s OK – we’ll have more available this year and we’d like to get your name on file as soon as you know you like us.


Again, thank you for checking us out. If you’d like to become a member of our family, please ​check out the listings below, or just shoot us your information here:

Tannus Quatre PT, MBA
Owner | The ​Best Company in America

Vantage, the Company

Vantage is a Bend-based company that provides business services to rehab/medical professionals throughout the country. We help PTs and other doctors put money in their bank accounts by collecting payments from insurance companies. We take phone calls from patients who want to make payments on their medical bills (we answer their questions too). And we enter tons and tons of data into the software we use to get everyone paid.

We’re kinda in the healthcare business. Kinda in the financial business. But mostly we’re in the people business (just like any other services company that really gets it). We’ve been in business for 10 years, but we act like a startup. It’s why we’re growing so quickly.

Vantage, the Culture

To be the best at what we do, we have to work well together at all times. This can be challenging when we’re working so fast, and it’s why we constantly invest in our culture. We invest in culture in a lot of ways.

We invest through parties (we’re talking happy hour stuff), a culture committee (the Vantage “Culture Club”), and lots and lots of food. We also invest in our culture through things like our atmosphere of transparency (I’ll tell you stuff you don’t want to know ​ALL THE TIME!), and our “carrying the ball rule” (proprietary: you’ll need to be a member of the fam to hear this one).

At Vantage, it’s OK to disagree, it’s OK to challenge those around you, and it’s OK to make mistakes. It’s NOT OK to lie, to deflect, or to complain. Life is too short and we’ve too much good work to do.