Impact PPS January 2016Helping private practice physical therapists achieve success is part of our DNA here at Vantage. So whenever we get a chance to share a little knowledge with a lot of people, we jump at the opportunity.

We got that chance in spades this month when physical therapy’s preeminent private practice magazine, Impact, published three articles submitted by members of the Vantage team.

The monthly magazine produced by and for the Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association (PPS APTA), Impact’s January 2016 edition features two pieces by Vantage CEO Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA (“Negotiating? Shut Up and Listen” and “Why They Buy: It’s Not Because They Want Physical Therapy”) and one article by Vantage marketing manager Ben Montgomery (“Meet the Press”).

The articles, Tannus said, are part of an ongoing effort by Vantage to contribute to the knowledge base shared nationwide by private practice physical therapists.

“Private practice physical therapists are made to wear a lot of hats at any given time, and so we hardly pass on opportunities like this to help make their lives a little easier by sharing a bit of knowledge or a unique perspective,” he said. “It’s part of who we are as a company.”

In this month’s edition of Impact, Tannus covered such topics as the value of listening during negotiations, and refining your marketing message to focus on the client’s “ability to live life.”

“Physical therapy is a means to an end,” Tannus wrote, “and the sooner we focus our message on what physical therapy does (and not what it is), the sooner our communities will choose us first.”

For Ben’s part, he focused on how to get the most out of your local press, arguing that the media can be a private practice owner’s most valuable referral source.

“As a private practice owner, you have value to add to the public conversation,” he wrote. “The press wants your news, stories, expertise, and perspective, they need it, in fact, because such things are valuable to their audience, and hence offer value to their products.”

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