Coming up dry on content ideas for your blog or social media accounts? From pricey MRIs to compression clothing for endurance runners, here are 5 things physical therapists should be blogging and posting about this week.

1. Oh, my aching wallet: MRI instead of physical therapy for low back pain leads to $4,793 higher price
The Washington Post put expensive MRIs in the spotlight and shared what you already know: that PT actually does save money for people with low back pain. The title says it all, so this is at the very least worth a like and share on your practice’s Facebook page. Money really does talk.

2. Does Kinesiology tape really work?
Well, whether you think it does or not, a New York Times contributor is calling the benefits largely unsubstantiated. Suggesting that the trendy colored tape may have a “robust placebo effect” is probably not what your patients want to hear. Whether you tape or not, your patients will appreciate the transparency.

5 things physical therapists should be blogging about this week.

What’s your take as a physical therapist? Should female lacrosse players be required to wear helmets during games? The debate has gotten some national attention after Florida became the first state to mandate the use of helmets for girls and women. Photo credit: K.M. Klemencic via Flickr

3. Florida has become the first state to mandate that girls lacrosse players must wear protective head gear. Protecting the skulls of young athletes is usually a good thing, right? In this case, it’s not that simple–and the ruling is sparking debate among players, coaches, athletic directors, and officials around the country. What do you think?

4. Compression clothing–worth the money? If you routinely treat performance athletes, you may have gotten this question. NPR is reporting on a small study conducted using compression calf sleeves. Decades ago, these were marketed almost exclusively to people with circulatory problems. Thanks to a growing wave of weekend warriors and athletic consumers, marketers are aiming a wider audience. Just like the kineseology tape debate, the placebo effect is noted here as a possible benefit of compression gear. Have you ever used or suggested compression gear? Weigh in this week while the topic is trending.

5. And finally, in the spirit of March Madness, we love this feel-good story of the late Dean Smith’s final (and amazingly thoughtful) gift to his players. The former North Carolina basketball coach, who died last month at 83, directed his trust in his will to give $200 to every letter winner who played for him during his 36 seasons as head coach at the school. The memo line? “Dinner out.” What a guy.