Private Practice ManualYou may recognize the byline of our founder, Tannus Quatre, on articles published in past editions of “PT in Motion” and “Impact Magazine,” publications of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). A licensed physical therapist, Tannus has been dishing out insight and advice to private practice physical therapists for years now through a number of such channels, from writing and workshops to his work as a consultant here at Vantage Clinical Solutions.

Most recently, his insight can be found in the book “Private Practice: The How-To Manual” (Second Edition), released late last year by the Private Practice Section (PPS) of the APTA.

This book was produced and published to help guide PTs through the process of starting and managing a successful private practice. Within it, Tannus authors a chapter titled “Business Systems in Physical Therapy,” within which he introduces readers to a variety of technical business systems required to run a private physical therapy practice. He also offers tips for choosing the systems that best match a PT’s needs.

“It’s been a privilege to have been asked to work with [the PPS] on this private practice manual,” Tannus said. “I’m quite passionate about business, and to offer up some of my own thoughts on the topic of business systems was really fun.

Tannus established Vantage Clinical Solutions in 2006 specifically to assist health care providers in navigating the challenges of owning and managing a private practice. The “business systems” he discusses in the chapter include electronic medical records and practice management software, various financial systems, and information technology networks.

Jason S. Sanders, PT, DPT, a partner with Team Movement for Life clinics in California and Arizona and an active member of APTA’s Private Practice Section Education Committee, served as the managing editor of this private practice manual. Jason said he asked Tannus to write a chapter for the book based on his regular editorial contributions to “Impact Magazine” and other PT trade publications.

“… this book is written to be a primer on the private practice of physical therapy,” Sanders wrote in the book’s intro. “It is the goal of this manual to embody both the mission and vision of the [PPS] while assisting physical therapists in development, management and administration of burgeoning private practices across a wide variety of practice environments.”

The first edition of “Private Practice: A How-To Manual” was published in 2002. The second edition covers such topics as building a business plan, marketing and public relations, financial management, building a compliance program, quality standards and social responsibility.

You can purchase a copy of the new private practice manual at the Private Practice Section website.