Wisconsin Physical Therapy AssociationWhere many see a future health care system inundated with challenges like physician shortages, declining reimbursements and intensifying competition, Vantage Clinical Solutions founder and C.E.O., Tannus Quatre, sees real opportunity.

Tannus outlined ways physical therapists can recognize and capitalize on such opportunities earlier this month when he led a four-hour workshop at the Wisconsin Physical Therapy Association (WPTA) Spring Conference titled “Paradigm Shift: Reinventing PT for the Consumer Market.” The conference was held April 10-11 in the Wisconsin Dells.

“In this time of health care uncertainty, there are a number of distinct opportunities for PTs to reinvent our approach to the consumer market,” said Tannus, a licensed physical therapist as well as our lead health care consultant. “However, [physical therapists] have been hesitant to do so for fear of legal, ethical and competitive considerations.”

It’s time to lay aside this hesitation, Tannus advised, replacing it was a strategic paradigm shift that works to reinvent the appeal of physical therapy to the consumer market. During his talk, he presented 29 ways every PT can work toward this goal – from “Be a Storyteller” and “Take Your Market to Class” to “Reinvent Your Value Proposition.”

“PTs need to understand the health care landscape and the direction physical therapy is headed unless we reinvent our appeal to the consumer market,” Tannus said. “This includes articulating the concept of ‘value’ and defining the market-ready value propositions for the consumer market; being comfortable experimenting with new approaches to the consumer market; and drawing on examples from other PT practices that have successfully reached the consumer market.”

We’re happy to share Tannus’ entire presentation with you. Shoot us an email, and we’ll send you a link to his PowerPoint slides.