Here at Vantage, we support numerous technologies for our clients, each rolled out to assist practice owners in the management of their businesses. From billing, EMR and accounting systems, to cloud storage and document management, our clients simply use a lot of tools in order to get things done.  And that’s why our new ticketing system is so valuable.

In a nutshell, a support ticketing system is simply a method for relaying and addressing client support needs in a way that’s efficient, traceable and encourages seamless communication between clients and our support team.

A simple email, phone call, or ticket submission through the Vantage website sets the wheels in motion, alerting our team to client issues, change requests and suggestions.  All issues are then assigned a support ticket which organizes and records notes and information related the resolution of each matter. Throughout the process, clients stay in the loop through emails and updates until the issue is resolved.

“This new ticketing system will allow us to communicate with our clients effectively, track issues accurately, and relay solutions to issues clearly,” said Kolby Kirk, Vantage Support Specialist.  “It’s a process improvement we’re proud to roll out to all of our clients.”

The system also speeds the process of resolving issues, says Tannus Quatre, president and CEO of Vantage.  “The system allows us to handle a wide range of requests and provides for the capacity to use triggers, flags and status updates that help us to organize and communicate with clients regarding their needs,” he said. “This allows us to more efficiently manage tasks while minimizing the risk of potential mistakes.”

How It Works

  1. Submit your ticket request
    There are three easy ways to submit a support ticket:

    a. Visit and fill out our online support form which automatically generates a support ticket for immediate review by our team.
    b. Email with your support request details.
    c. Call us at (888) 827-5613 or (541) 550-7291.

  2. After your ticket has been created
    No matter how your request has been submitted, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing a ticket number, and letting you know we’re working on resolving your issue.  Our support staff will send you any additional questions and status updates via email.
  3. When your issue has been resolved
    You’ll receive an email stating that the issue has been resolved. (How much later?) A follow-up message is also sent to ensure that you’re not experiencing any further difficulty around the issue. If you need to reopen your ticket, simply reply to your last email from our support team, and we’ll get on it right away.

Questions about our new ticketing system? Feel free to contact our Support Specialist, Kolby Kirk, at