We at Vantage Clinical Solutions are thrilled to share the news that one of our valuable clients, Step & Spine Physical Therapy, has recently expanded the size of their home facility in Sisters, Oregon … by a whopping 1,000 percent!

Once located in a modest 200-square-foot clinic adjacent to a fitness center, Step & Spine now boasts 2,100 square feet of clinic space – 10 times the space they’ve grown accustomed to working in over their last two and a half years.

What a difference!

“We expanded due to demand,” said Jodi Ford, who with Barrett Ford, PT, make up Step & Spine’s husband-wife ownership team. “We’re growing very quickly, and to be able to expand into such a vibrant area of Sisters, we’re genuinely thrilled to stretch our legs a little and offer more to the community.”

An independent physical therapy practice, Barrett and Jodi are eager to show off their new digs, which consist of three private treatment rooms, a group therapy room, and a group fitness area that houses treadmills, stationary bikes, and other training and rehabilitation equipment.

Community leaders will have a chance to tour the new clinic during a Sisters Chamber of Commerce Mix-N-Mingle and ribbon-cutting event to be held on Thursday, March 21. Get the details here.

Due to demand, the new facility will also accommodate the hiring of a second physical therapist to work side by side with Barrett, who has practiced physical therapy for 19 years.

To do our part, Vantage Clinical Solutions principal/consultant Tannus Quatre worked with the Fords to help turn their expansion dreams into reality. In doing so, Tannus helped them review site options, discuss the viability of available locations and perform site visits; provided input on signage and clinic layout options; and worked to develop a marketing plan for the new location.

“Our job is to take the vision of the client and help them achieve it; we help set the stage and invite the audience, but the magic is theirs,” Tannus said. “With Step & Spine, our job has been to manage the numbers and guide Barrett and Jodi through realistic and practical business planning. Their role has been to provide the great care around which their business has become a success.”

This was the second time in less than a year we were able to work with Barrett and Jodi as they sought expansion opportunities. Last September, Step & Spine Physical Therapy opened a second clinic in the neighboring community of Redmond, Oregon, under the direction of lead physical therapist Glenn MacLean-Talbot, BS, MSPT, DPT.

“One of the most rewarding aspects of our work is to see evidence of our clients’ success through growth,” Tannus added. “The expansion of Step & Spine Physical Therapy in Sisters and Redmond is such evidence, and we’re thrilled to play a role in their success.”