We’re happy to announce that Vantage Principal Tannus Quatre will be presenting at the 2013 APTA Combined Sections Meeting in San Diego! His seminar, titled, “What’s in a Marketing Campaign? A PT’s Guide to Architecture and Execution” will explore how marketing campaigns can elevate physical therapy practices and their programs and services.

“The concept of actually defining a marketing campaign and playing it out – creating a campaign with specific goals and objectives – I’m hoping is going to be an eye-opener,” Tannus explains. “As for my goal, I would like to see more creativity and focus in how PTs market themselves.”

Tannus will be presenting this seminar at the 2012 PPS Annual Conference Exposition in Las Vegas on Friday, October 26. If you’re not catching it at PPS, make sure to put it on your “must-do’s” for the January 21-24 CSM in San Diego.

For more information about the Combined Sections Meeting, visit APTA’s page covering the event here. We’ll be posting the seminar schedule as soon as it is published, so stay tuned.