You’re familiar with the concept of “high risk, high reward.” You’ve also heard the phrase, “He bit off more than he could chew.”

Reality lives somewhere in the middle of these two. And so can your PT vision – that is, if you execute it thoughtfully and methodically.

Vantage consultant Tannus Quatre will offer the tools needed to turn a seemingly risky vision (e.g., starting a private practice or expanding programs) into reality as he hosts an administration seminar at this fall’s PPS (Private Practice Section) Annual Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas.

Titled “Starting From Scratch: Making Your PT Vision a Reality,” Tannus will teach private practice owners and managers how to face innovation head-on through the better understanding of concepts related to planning, management and financial understanding.

“We as physical therapists have no end to the abilities we have – the passion we have,” said Tannus, himself a licensed PT. “We get jazzed up and excited about our ideas, but we’re sometimes timid in the face of risk.”

Is now the time to invest in starting a new practice or launching a new program? Should you add on to your existing space, perhaps hire additional staff? Would you find success venturing into new markets?

If you think the answer’s yes, don’t see the existence of risk as a flashing red light. Instead, dissect risk into manageable pieces.

“I’ll lay out the process logically to help you make a more calculated business decision so you don’t bite off too much up front, only to have it all come crashing down,” Tannus said. “Your vision might be five, 10 years out, but let’s go going toward it by taking some smaller steps to get you started.”

He’ll also go through the many resources you’ll likely utilize before realizing your vision – lawyers, accountants, leasing agents, etc.  – as well as budgeting.

The Private Practice Section is the premier section of the American Physical Therapy Association. Tannus’s seminar is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 27 from 8 a.m. to noon. Learn more about the 2012 PPS Annual Conference and Exposition schedule here.