The Private Practice Section (PPS) Conference of the American Physical Therapy Association will be held this year from October 24-27 in Las Vegas. Vantage’s own Tannus Quatre (seasoned PPS speaker) will be there to give two talks. The first, “Starting from Scratch: Making Your PT Vision a Reality”, will teach private practice owners and managers how to face innovation head-on through the better understanding of concepts related to planning, management and financial understanding.

“We as physical therapists have no end to the abilities we have—the passion we have,” said Tannus, himself a licensed PT. “We get jazzed up and excited about our ideas, but we’re sometimes timid in the face of risk.”

In the second talk, “What’s in a Marketing Campaign? A PT’s Guide to Architecture and Execution,” he will talk about how marketing campaigns play a vital role in the success of physical therapy practices, programs and services.

“The concept of actually defining a marketing campaign and playing it out—creating a campaign with specific goals and objectives—I’m hoping is going to be an eye-opener,” Tannus told me. “As for my goal, I would like to see more creativity and focus in how PTs market themselves.”

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