Just a quick thank you to the Oregon Physical Therapy Association (OPTA) for allowing me to speak at their annual conference this evening.  It’s always a privilege to talk about one of my favorite topics – branding – and to one of my favorite audiences – physical therapists (OK, I’m biased).

My talk, Our Brand. Our Future. centered around the premise that our behavior, our professionalism, our BRANDS – matter. We’re in this [healthcare] thing together and what one provider does in Portland to shape their brand in the eyes of their patients (or referral sources or community) affects me in my hometown of Bend.  What I do to shape my brand affects them too.

It’s scary and cool at the same time.  The better job we do, the more cool than scary this branding thing becomes.

Anyway, if you want to learn more about my talk, please feel free to contact me at Vantage.  I do have slides available and would love to share the information with those interested in learning how to put their brand to work for them (and their profession).

For those that attended the conference, I’ve uploaded the files referenced during the talk to the downloads website 🙂