It’s a mission statement, the colors of your logo, the tone of your voice when you pick up the phone. It can create loyalty, build trust and evoke emotion.

It’s even the words you’re currently reading on this blog.

It’s your brand—our brand—and its clarity is essential in creating a bright, dynamic future for the physical therapy profession.

That’s the message our own Tannus Quatre, principal/consultant here at Vantage, will deliver this Friday evening as a main presenter at the Oregon Physical Therapy Association (OPTA) Annual Conference in Portland.

In the presentation, titled “Physical Therapy: Our Brand. Our Future,” Quatre will introduce attendees to the concept of branding, offering advice on how to harness your brand—how to control it before it controls you.

What is branding, where is branding, and what gives it the power to make or break the future of physical therapy? What can happen to each of us—to all of us—if our brand is unclear or ineffective in offering PT as the ideal choice for movement-related dysfunction and care?

Tannus will answer these questions and more, as well as offer some steps on how to create an effective branding strategy for your own practice. He’ll pull from his experience as both a PT and a marketing professional to offer a real-world, PT-centric perspective on effective branding.

If you can’t be at this year’s OPTA Annual Conference, no worries. Just drop us a line, and we’d be happy to share the presentation outline with you.