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Greg Stillwell doesn’t just want to raise the bar for his team here at Vantage Clinical Solutions. He wants to set the high-water mark for revenue cycle management within the physical therapy profession.

“When people in the industry talk about the services we provide at Vantage, I want them to think of us as the standard, as the best,” Greg said. “I thrive on the challenge that’s engrained in the whole Vantage culture, which is to be the best company we can be.”

It’s such a mindset that propelled Greg into the position of Direct of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) here at Vantage Clinical Solutions. This role is a natural progression in a management career that’s key focus has been the optimization of processes, experience he gained through serving in the U.S. Army, working as a production manager for nearly two decades, then most recently, serving as the billing department manager at one of Oregon’s largest private practice physical therapy clinics.

An Oregon native, Greg enlisted in the Army soon after high school, spending three years stationed in Germany. He followed that up by earning his Bachelor’s Degree in business administration at Oregon State University before earning a production manager position at a wood and millwork manufacturer in Central Oregon, where he worked for 17 years.

“That experience instilled in me the importance of continuous improvement,” Greg said. “It’s the idea that no matter what you’re doing, manufacturing or data flow, you can always improve what you’re doing. It’s not even an option. You have to always be improving to create and maintain value for the client.”

Such a mindset paid off when he redirected his career toward opportunities in revenue management. For three years, Greg served as the billing department manager and data analyst at Rebound Physical Therapy, one of the largest physical therapy businesses in Central Oregon which provides PT services through several locations.

And while such a transition may seem difficult, Greg said that despite the many differences, the mindset of continual improvement remained.

“A lot of skills can and did apply to both positions, increasing efficiencies by eliminating waste,” he said. “In one industry, you’re talking about a tangible thing it’s turning materials into product while in our industry today, it’s about a decreasing your work in progress, or shrinking the time it takes from receiving a claim to when that claim is paid.

Our CEO, Tannus Quatre, agrees that such experience does indeed pay off.

Greg brings to Vantage a deep level of experience which includes RCM team management, business ownership, and data analytics, he said. “We are fortunate to be able to draw from this unique set of skills, not just for the benefit of ourselves and our team, but ultimately for the benefit of our clients and their patients.”

A huge Oregon State Beavers fan (he’s an alum, of course), Greg enjoys golfing and exploring the outdoors with his wife and family, which includes a step-daughter (23), daughter (19) and son (16).