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August 26, 2013

Vantage Clinical Solutions (Bend) awarded $10,000 from EDCO & Deschutes Co. program

BEND, OR – Vantage Clinical Solutions, the Bend-based healthcare consulting, management and marketing company, was recently awarded a $10,000 forgivable loan through Deschutes County Forgivable Loan Program based on the company’s plans to expand equipment, operations and employment over the next two years.

Administered by Economic Development for Central Oregon (EDCO), the Deschutes County Forgivable Loan Program, established by the county in fiscal year 2010-11, exists to encourage local job creation efforts by providing forgivable loans to eligible businesses whose leaders seek to “relocate or hire new, permanent, full-time employees within Deschutes County at career-wage salaries.”

According to the terms of the loan, Vantage is required to hire at least five additional full-time employees over the next two years, positions that must be maintained through March of 2016. Vantage currently employs 13 people.

“The money will be used for the new hires as well as in the development of operational infrastructure and equipment,” Quatre said. “We have already hired two employees who meet the requirements for the program, and we are in the process of investing approximately $15,000 into improved network infrastructure and document management software.”

According to Nate LiaBraaten, business development manager for EDCO, primary reasons Vantage was chosen to receive the loan include: an excellent track record of sustained growth; a fiscally conservative yet opportunistic management style; the offering of highly valued niche services in a competitive yet growing space; and a dedication to seeking not just profit, but in also making a positive impact in the local entrepreneurial system.

“With many changes occurring in the healthcare sector, Vantage has uniquely positioned itself to be competitive despite trends showing movement of practitioners to larger medical facilities and practices,” states briefing papers prepared by the Deschutes County Department of Administrative Services for the County Board of Commissioners. “Vantage focuses on a core group of entrepreneurial medical professionals that service rural areas and/or find benefits in maintaining smaller, more specialized clinics.”

According to Judith M. Ure, management analyst with the Deschutes County Department of Administrative Services, the Deschutes County Forgivable Loan Program was initially funded with a one-time revenue source of $200,000 received from delinquent tax payments. To date, 13 economic development loans totaling $414,000 have been approved, resulting in the addition of an estimated 512 jobs in Deschutes County.

About Vantage Clinical Solutions
Located in Bend, OR, Vantage Clinical Solutions is a healthcare consulting, management and marketing company that assists private practices throughout the U.S. Founded in 2006 with the mission of improving healthcare through entrepreneurship, Vantage Clinical Solutions offers a number of business services, marketing products and management solutions dedicated to the needs of the private practice healthcare business.