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Wondered what all of our Instagrams of demolition and paint swatches were all about? We’ve expanded our facilities! Our Bend-based health care consulting, management and marketing company recently acquired 2,200 square feet of adjacent office space, more than doubling the physical size of our company and providing essential space for growth and innovation, says Tannus Quatre, principal, consultant, and co-founder of Vantage.

Our company, which serves private practice clients in Central Oregon and throughout the U.S., has grown its team by approximately 25 percent over the last year.

“We’re a growing business, and we felt a bit strangled in the 1,400-square-foot office within which we’ve been operating,” Quatre said. “When the additional 2,000-plus square feet of space opened up next door, we saw the opportunity we were waiting for – an opportunity to stretch our legs, to grow, to innovate better, and to add staff in the future.”

Besides offering additional space for its management services department – medical billing, electronic medical records, bookkeeping, etc. – the additional space will allow us to expand our marketing and creative services department. Plans include the creation of a conference room, creative spaces and, in the future, an incubator space for use by community groups, nonprofits, and/or local startups.

We currently employ a staff of 14 full-time employees. Want to check out the new digs? Vantage is located at 1567 SW Chandler Ave., Ste. 202, in Bend. Let us know when you’d like to stop by and we’d be happy to give you the grand tour!