We’re always thrilled to report great news from our clients, and Impact Physical Therapy of Hillsboro (OR) recently gave us a reason to do a little boasting.

Kent Bond, PT, owner of Impact Physical Therapy and all-around great guy, recently announced the acquisition of an additional 1,055 square feet of space adjacent to his current office, effectively expanding his facility by 50 percent. This space, Kent says, opens the door to additional possibilities for the practice, allowing him to evolve current services while expanding his team’s overall repertoire.

“On certain days, it can get pretty crowded around here, and this new space will allow us to be able to grow and enhance our present services,” he said. “We’d like to expand into bike fitness, and we’ll have a space designated for motion analysis, a service we currently offer but which is limited because, until now, we didn’t have the space we needed.” Problem solved!

Kent also hopes to grow his services by offering a personal training component, massage therapy and perhaps even acupuncture. As I type this, Kent is in active dialog with the Hillsboro area medical community to explore which services will be most valuable to medical professionals and their patients.

“I’ve sat down with a handful of physicians to gather this information,” he said. “How can we help them? What services are going to be most valuable to them in 2013? Is it weight loss, medical exercise, etc.? We’re currently working to get more insight on the needs of this area based on feedback from our referral sources.”

“Kent, Anna (Kent’s wife and co-owner), and I have been working on a plan for months to extend their practice,” said Tannus Quatre, principal/consultant here at Vantage Clinical Solutions. “They’ve now signed their lease and have a great plan in place for using their space to grow their services in the Hillsboro market. They are wonderful people and run a very good clinic with a rich culture among their staff. We couldn’t be happier for them.”

Impact Physical Therapy of Hillsboro currently employs three full-time PTs and two PT aides, offering clients more than 50 combined years of physical therapy experience treating clients with a variety of ailments and goals – from stroke rehabilitation and spinal cord trauma to high-level sports performance.

In addition, the staff offers functional movement screens to people of all ages and abilities, as well as free sports consultations for local student athletes.

Kent said he hopes to unveil this newly remodeled space in late January 2013. We can’t wait to see it. Kudos to Kent, Anna, and the team on a job well done!