Your website is a virtual representation of who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. There is no wondering why so much time and effort is put into the colors, fonts, photos, and all around general content of a well planned and executed online presence.

Vantage Clinical Solutions worked closely with Dr. Steven Knope to understand how he wanted to visually connect with his patients and what type of information he wanted to represent. Dr. Knope has a very personal way of offering care to his patients and that was of utmost importance to let that shine through in every page from ‘The Clinic’ to his monthly ‘Blog’ entries. Take a quick tour around the site and you will see what type of care he offers and just how serious he takes the title of ‘Tuscon’s Personal Physician’.

Additional elements of the site design that Vantage took into account were the ever increasing importance of responsive design that affects how the site is viewed on mobile devices and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices so that the site is searched by, and can be found on, as many search engines as possible…especially by potential patients looking for care in the greater Tuscon, AZ area.

We here at Vantage are proud to have had an opportunity to provide a final product that showcases the best our client has to offer and we appreciate the trust Dr. Steven Knope has placed in the Vantage team. Dr. Knope has been practicing concierge medicine in Tuscon for twelve years and has authored the well-received book ‘Concierge Medicine: A New System to Get the Best Healthcare’. Visit his website and let us know what you think!