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For Irene Elston, one of our new current account specialists here at Vantage Clinical Solutions, the drive and motivation for providing outstanding customer service to clients and patients comes from her innermost circle.

“My drive to succeed [comes from] my family,” she said. “Everything I do is for our success as a family, whether having fun, daily routines or important family decisions. I think based on this, our clients can expect me to be focused, committed and accessible to them always, and they can be confident that I will provide the best customer service to their patients.”

As a current account specialist, Irene works with five Vantage clients, their patients and patients’ insurance companies to ensure the billing and payment process operates seamlessly and complications are resolved efficiently.

How did she get here? To hear Irene tell it, it started with what she expected to be a quick phone call from Tannus Quatre, principal/consultant here at Vantage, to schedule a job interview.

“I thought that like most calls of that nature, it would last about five to eight minutes – just enough time to coordinate schedules,” she said. “We were on that call for about 45 minutes. The call was so detailed I knew this was going to be a different experience than any other I have had before with a potential employer. I was intrigued.”

Apparently, so was Tannus. The two met and, during the interview process, concluded they were on the same page philosophically. This philosophy involves great customer service and a tenacious work ethic.

“I believe success isn’t something that comes easy,” Irene said. “It takes constant work and attention, and the end result will no doubt show the amount of dedication and commitment you put forth.

“The quality of customer service that is asked of everyone on the team is something you don’t see much anymore. I’m proud to be a part of that.”

Please join us in welcoming Irene to our Vantage team!