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One of our newest team members here at Vantage Clinical Solutions, Karey Manley offers us (and our clients) years of accounting and bookkeeping experience. Yet over the years, probably her most memorable account of “numbers crunching” occurred years ago, while schooling her two sons during a year-long, 12,000-mile family trip through Mexico.

“Our kids especially enjoyed math lessons under a palapa on many of the beaches of both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean – one iguana plus two iguanas…” Karey recalled. “Science came in the form of snorkeling daily on the Yucatan Coast.”

Okay, so life isn’t a beach every day here at Vantage, but having people on our staff who attack each day with such vigor for life truly sets our team apart. It’s a culture Karey said she identified early in the hiring process.

“During my interview, I was inspired by three things at Vantage Clinical Solutions: professionalism, integrity and the ‘signature jeans,’” she said. “Now working at Vantage, I truly see the care and attention given to their clients, and in-office camaraderie comes from every member of the staff.”

Karey carries herself with, as she puts it, a certain “joie de vive.” But personal joy is only half of what drives Karey. Spreading happiness and lending an occasional helping hand – say, stepping up to assist a Vantage client or serving two and a half years in the Peace Corps (yep, she did that from 2007-2009) – also earns Karey a good level of personal fulfillment.

“The general rule of the day in our household is to make someone smile or laugh and to know that every individual deserves dignity,” she said. “With that in mind, my husband and I enjoy sharing our time not only with family, but learning and enjoying the lifestyles that differ from ours and hopefully contributing in a positive way to the world around us.”

We love this attitude, and we’re humbled that Karey finds us to be on the same page – a company that’s client-focused not just because it’s good for business, but because it’s the right thing to do.

“The professionalism and genuine human concern at Vantage Clinical Solutions sets it apart and makes it unique from any other place I have worked,” Karey said. “[In turn], Vantage benefits from the attributes my family instilled. As a bookkeeper for Vantage, I bring my work ethic, my years of experience in accounting/bookkeeping, and my overall joie de vive!”

We thank you for that, Karey!