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Slow and steady wins the race.

In our formative years, this is the lesson we took from the classic fable, “The Tortoise and the Hare.” Go at it hard and carelessly, and while you might gain ground in the short term, the long term may not turn out so rosy.

Take your time and approach goals at a slow and steady pace, however, and you’re most likely to appreciate the results.

Aesop was a wise man.

So is Tannus Quatre, PT, MBA, principal and consultant here at Vantage Clinical Solutions. In an article he wrote featured in “Impact,” a publication of the Private Practice Sections of the American Physical Therapy Association (PPSAPTA), Quatre suggests applying the theory of “slow and steady” to the hiring of staff members within a private practice.

“Of the decisions you make as a practice owner, building the right team is at the top of the list,” he wrote in the article titled “Hire Slowly.” “As rushed as you may feel in a staffing pinch, never succumb to the pressure of ‘filling a position.’ Always insist on ‘building a team.’”

The key, he says, is understanding the differences between the two.

For instance, don’t simply utilize a litmus test of required skills in order to evaluate potential candidates for positions within your practice. While skill levels are important, so is ensuring job candidates are ideal fits within the culture of your business.

Hiring based on company culture means ensuring candidates fit the mission of your practice, reflect the values you would like to portray within your brand, match the level of skill and work ethic you seek from your team, and simply communicate and interact well with your current staff.

“By taking the time to hire slowly … you will save yourself much in time, money and painful decisions down the road,” Quatre wrote. “As tempting as it may be to rush to ‘fill a vacancy,’ realize that it is people who will drive your practice forward, and all are not equally qualified to meet your practice’s unique needs.”

Interested in learning more? For hiring tips and advice on identifying the culture of your practice (and thus hiring accordingly), feel free to contact our consultants here at Vantage Clinical Solutions.