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Introduction by Tannus Quatre

It’s nice to have a good idea once in a while, and this summer I had one.  

While on family vacation to California this June, it struck me that my 19-year-old nephew, Trevor Campbell, was looking for summer work.  More importantly, he was looking for an experience that would help him grow as a young adult looking to enter the professional workforce.  The idea: I bet Trevor could work for us at Vantage…we could [probably] find him something to do.  

And the idea worked…well.

Trevor has spent 6 weeks with us at Vantage, and in this time he has grown from “I’ll-grin-until-I-know-how-to-do-something” to “You’re-gonna-hate-to-see-me-leave.”  And we do.  Trevor has helped us IMMENSELY this summer, performing duties that have helped us to stay afloat during a period of rapid growth and change.  From getting us votes on (fingers still crossed), to stuffing thousands of envelopes, to baking some of the best desserts we’ve ever had, to preparing the office for new team members, to…we’ll, you get it.  He’s been invaluable.

Trevor leaves us tomorrow, and for one of his last assignments we asked him to reflect on his experience here, speaking candidly about what he’s done and what he’s learned.  His essay follows, and we’re proud to share it here on our blog.  We feel that our commitment to fostering the entrepreneurial spirit has been successful in our summer experiment with Trevor, as his essay’s theme has identified what’s truly important to success in small business – people, service, and teamwork.


My Experience at Vantage
by Trevor Campbell 

Trevor Campbell - Vantage Clinical Solutions

I came into my position at Vantage Clinical Solutions this summer not really knowing what to expect, whom I would work with, and if I would learn anything. My bosses, Tannus Quatre and Kyle Fleischmann, stuck an arm out and decided to bring me into their business. I had never worked in an office setting before and I was both a little nervous and a little anxious to dive into this experience.

As soon as I came in the first day I wondered if I was going to be able to do everything asked of me. I was a little worried as well about whether I would be liked by [hopefully] all of the staff.  All of these worries and fears, accompanied by sweaty palms and butterflies, completely disappeared as I met everyone.

I first met Megan Shelfer, Vantage Office Coordinator, who is one of the kindest women you will ever meet. Megan put me completely at ease while I learned to scan, process, and file mail. She encouraged me unconditionally as I dove deeper into the work of an office assistant. Megan definitely had the biggest impact on me while I worked at Vantage. She guided me through the difficult tasks, assisted me when I became stuck or confused, and was always smiling and keeping the atmosphere positive in the office. I discovered that she is ALMOST as OCD as I am, and we made a pretty good team in keeping the office together in terms of organization and tidiness.

Sarah Leigh was my second supporter, as well as my music genre equal. I shared an office with her (until the Great Move) and enjoyed talking, listening to music, and helping her with her projects when I could. Sarah is quite the character as I found out; she rides her bike to work almost every morning despite being pregnant, she enjoys rocking out to music when she can, and loves working in a dark office. She loves what she does and is incredibly good at it. I have never seen someone as gifted as her when it comes to Photoshop either.

After getting comfortable with the daily jobs I was given from Megan, I ventured into the billing department where I learned all sorts of jobs (some fun…some not so much). It all began with Dacotah Lange teaching me how to use the postage machine to get all of the mail sent out. Apart from mail, she showed me some of the basics of what she does, such as properly sorting HCFA forms and what to look for when matching together insurance claim forms. Dacotah has one of the best smiles in the office and isn’t afraid to use it to brighten up the room.

Amy Carter is the busiest working bee in the entire hive and has this presence with her that just explodes confidence. She taught me of the importance that goes along with correctly mailing out statements as well as how to overwork the postage machine to the point at which it jams. Not only is she one of the most experienced medical billers, she is also the funniest…by far. She is an amazing person with a humor to die for. Without fail she would make me laugh every day, and always had something to talk about.

Monica Morey is the queen bee of the billers, and has a personality that will knock your socks off. Although I wasn’t a medical biller, she still tried to show me what she does while processing the insurance and claims, as well as trying to teach me some coding basics. Though coding and billing was a tad bit too confusing, I did quite a few projects for her nonetheless. I dealt with insurance companies, many faxes, and at one point, a patient. She gave me many, many new experiences that I never thought I would get working as an office assistant. I really enjoyed working with Monica and will appreciate all the tips she gave me.

Although I didn’t spend too much time with Jessica Dixon, I enjoyed the brief chats I had with her. She never really had anything I could help her with, but was always able to answer questions I had regarding companies and their owners. She was always in a good mood when I saw her and made a mean pot of coffee. She was also quite the music DJ over in the billing department.

Never have I had such a laid back, yet professional boss as Kyle Fleischmann. He was a wonderful boss who liked to joke around with me a lot. He was always willing to give me advice when tackling a project, filing papers, or even when it came to putting supplies in storage. Kyle always had some form of a joke to make everyone in the office laugh, especially Amy, Megan, and Monica. I will miss working for Kyle, but not as much as he will miss my over-the-top organizing!

Tannus Quatre, the person who allowed me the amazing experience here, is one of the most incredible people I have come across in my life. From starting up a business with Kyle, to hiring a few people, to creating a family culture with the pure intention of proving that healthcare can thrive and grow through entrepreneurship and hard work, he has shown that you can achieve anything should you go after it. From this history, I began to understand just what he sees in this company and what he wanted me to take from it. All of the projects I did for Tannus, such as social media work, investigation of client locations, and maintaining a comfortable, yet efficient work environment, were influenced by his vision. He was the greatest boss I have ever had, as well as a great friend. He was always there for me and supported all of the things I did at Vantage.

As I write this, I reflect upon my time here at Vantage Clinical Solutions. I have learned so many new skills, and am able to function in an office setting with ease. I have taken a liking to answering phones and having the callers enjoy talking with me. I have grown accustomed to all of the little gears that allow the giant machine that is Vantage, to run. I have never worked with any group of people that have had an impact as great as the team at Vantage has. I will greatly miss all my fellow employees and I can only hope the feeling is mutual. It is almost hard to call them fellow employees as they feel more like a family.  As it stands, I doubt there is another business quite like Vantage.