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We have a new addition to the Vantage Team, summer intern Trevor Campbell. For the next six weeks, Trevor will be working with the Vantage Team, working to gain experience within the small business environment and help out however he can (his words, and from the way he’s been stuffing envelopes for the last 2 days, we believe him!)

Trevor is a second-year biology student at California State University – Monterey Bay, studying the subject matter he describes as an interesting “puzzle” of parts and mechanisms. As a Central California native, Trevor is enjoying the sub-100 degree temps here in Bend. What are some of his favorite parts about being here for the summer? “The nice people and climate. There’s a lot to do here,” he says, referring to the hiking, camping, and mountain biking close by, and the prevalence of events and restaurants, something missing from small town Central Valley life.

Swing break on the way to Bend from Central CA.

After a few days here, we already know Trevor has a great sense of humor (back to the never ending envelope stuffing and statement folding). I asked him to share an interesting story about himself, and he recalled a trip to Peru during high school where he and 5 friends became lost. “We spent a day and a half trying to find our hotel, taking turns sleeping on buses.” He admitted that getting lost is somewhat of a personal pastime, recalling a snowboarding adventure with his cousin on the back side of Mt. Bachelor. “It took a few hours to find our way down.” We’re glad you have a sense of adventure, Trevor, and don’t worry–our office is small.

Trevor shares our excitement in joining the Vantage Team, saying he “hopes to gain as much experience as possible in the next 6 weeks.” He’ll be helping with social media updates, general office upkeep, and the daunting task of inventory. We all join in welcome Trevor to the office, and look forward to the helping hands we’ll have around!