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Here at Vantage Clinical Solutions, we operate every day based on a few unyielding principles. Here are two of them:

Entrepreneurship is critical to the growth and sustainability of healthcare, and one of the keys of good entrepreneurship is the creation of solid professional relationships – trusted partners who offer advice and services unmatched in the industry.

For us, iSALUS Healthcare has been one such partner.

iSALUS provides industry-leading Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solutions to thousands of clinics, hospitals and healthcare systems across the country, including those we serve here at Vantage. Backed by 12 years of experience and the successful conversion of millions upon millions of paper charts, the story of iSALUS is one of great success – of offering clients a solution that allows them to better focus on improved healthcare.

But to bask in past successes is to look backwards, and the folks at iSALUS will have nothing of that. Instead, their gaze is focused squarely on the horizon, and we like what they see.

“Now, with 12 years of momentous and relevant experience as well as committed relationships with all of you – including end-users in 46 states, iSALUS is best positioned to participate in what we see as a revolution in the electronic health care market,” they recently wrote in an open letter to employees, customers, partners and shareholders.

Besides recently bolstering an already strong Executive Team and the completion of an office remodel to accommodate growing demand, iSALUS boasts a number of application upgrades to better benefit their customers – and of course healthcare as a whole. For instance, their powerful OfficeEMR application was recently upgraded to safely and securely operate using iPhone and (coming soon) iPad technologies.

“… we are ANSI 5010 compliant and offer a claim scrubbing solution called iScrubber – a real-time software engine that improves payer reimbursement for our customers,” they added. “Also, in a first-to-market offering, iSALUS now includes e-prescribing for durable medical equipment (DME) – an electronic order process that saves a physician’s office countless hours of phone calls and facsimiles while allowing technology to better manage the fraud and abuse concerns within the DME space.”

In other words, more time for you means more time for quality patient care. That’s why iSALUS was first founded, and it remains their mission today.

We’re proud to partner with innovative, forward-thinking companies like iSALUS – companies that share our vision for improved healthcare through entrepreneurship.  We know iSALUS about as well as anyone, and we’d be happy to tell you how their services can improve records management at your practice.