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Your practice is your people, and there’s no investment more important than the team you assemble.  And for this reason, your recruitment strategy should attract the best of the best, not just the best of what’s available.

How is this achieved?  Through constant recruiting.

By recruiting when you have a job vacancy, you narrow your pool of applicants to those seeking a job during the exact same period.  It’s plain to see that your applicant pool will be smaller – much smaller – when recruiting in this way, as compared with recruiting at ALL times that applicants are seeking jobs.

Constant recruiting is an effort by your practice to continually cull through the job seeker pool in order to identify the best talent available – whenever they are available.  Posting job descriptions and soliciting resumes through your website (or other online channels) is a cheap and easy way to keep the talent pool aware of your practice, and any jobs that may be available now, or in the future.

Performed correctly, the recruitment and subsequent interview process becomes a two-way identification of the perfect match between candidates and your practice.  When the perfect match is made, both parties will be negotiable when it comes to crafting and timing an employment agreement.

If your practice is truly looking for the best of the best (and it should be), constant recruiting is the ONLY way to build your team.

An edited version of this article was published in the April 2012 issue of Impact, a publication of the Private Practice Section, APTA.