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Interviewing candidates for your team takes time – lots and lots of it.  Done properly, candidates should be interviewed multiple times and by multiple representatives of your practice – a feat that is neither quick nor inexpensive.  This said, putting forth the resources necessary to find the best candidates is one of the most important investments you will make as a practice owner.

Organization of the interview process is the key to efficiency, and wise administrators of the hiring process make their time investment incrementally with new candidates.

The first time investment should be that of a phone interview.  By conducting a phone interview prior to allowing candidates to step foot into the clinic, the hiring administrator can minimize time spent on ineligible candidates.  Setting the expectation that the interview will be short – 20 mins or less – also allows the administrator to promptly exit the call if it is not likely to lead to the right fit for your team.  Of course, if all goes well during the phone interview, additional time can always be added to the call.

Candidates that pass the initial phone interview are then – and only then – invited to come to the practice to interview a second time.  At this point, regardless of whether the candidate ends up on your team, you should be comfortable knowing that your 20 minute investment in a brief phone interview has likely saved the dread of a prolonged face-to-face encounter that could have been easily and efficiently avoided.

An edited version of this article was published in the May 2012 issue of Impact, a publication of the Private Practice Section, APTA.