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Heading to work? Don’t forget your yoga mat.

They’re a couple of years old, but in an effort to improve safety in the workplace—especially the aches and pains one can get from sitting in front of a computer all day—the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) put together a series of videos demonstrating prevention techniques and exercises you can do at work.

There’s six videos altogether, each offering useful tips for preventing injuries at your workstation. It covers exercising at your desk, safe travel tips, taking effective “micro breaks,” and yes, workplace yoga.

The videos, which you can watch here, are narrated by licensed physical therapist Patrice Winter.

Why the emphasis on workplace safety? Simple. APTA members have seen an increasing number of clients through the years with pain and movement issues due to inactivity, poor posture, and overuse issues on the upper limbs (e.g., wrists and shoulders). The culprit? Computer workstations.

So rather than scoff at the ideas of workplace yoga (guilty!), take some time to view these helpful videos and see how many of APTA’s techniques and exercises you and your staff can work into your daily routines.

Oh, and for everything you ever wanted to know about computer workstation safety and standards, OSHA has you covered right here.