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Choose a direction. Choose a message.

This is the bare-bones summary of developing a thoughtful and focused marketing campaign for your PT practice … or pretty much any business, really. Our marketing guru here at Vantage, Tannus Quatre, writes about it here.

This is one of the key points Tannus will make this fall as a featured presenter at APTA’s PPS (Private Practice Section) Annual Conference Exposition in Las Vegas. In a seminar titled “What’s in a Marketing Campaign? A PT’s Guide to Architecture and Execution,” he will talk about how marketing campaigns play a vital role in the success of physical therapy practices, programs and services.

“The concept of actually defining a marketing campaign and playing it out – creating a campaign with specific goals and objectives – I’m hoping is going to be an eye-opener,” Tannus told me. “As for my goal, I would like to see more creativity and focus in how PTs market themselves.”

What’s your core message? How should it be crafted? To where should it be focused? How often and through what channels?

The ability to answer these questions, according to Tannus, is the difference between the nebulous concept of marketing versus a bona fide, laser-guided marketing campaign—one that can pay huge dividends for your practice.

“In an effort to differentiate, the common tool that’s often used is, ‘Come see me because I’m better’ or ‘… because I have more qualified therapists,’” he said. “That just doesn’t cut. You must have targeted messages that people can sink their teeth into.”

The Private Practice Section is the premier section of the American Physical Therapy Association. Its annual conference features distinguished speakers from throughout the country covering topics related to business, innovation, management and marketing. Tannus’s seminar is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 26 from 3 to 5 p.m.

Learn more about the 2012 PPS Annual Conference and Exposition here.