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You’ve gone through an exhaustive search in choosing the ideal business consultant for your practice—the references are checked, the Proposal of Services is signed and you’re feeling pretty comfortable with your decision.

Now just do one more thing: give it a test drive.

A reputable business consultant who understands the critical nature of the consultant-client relationship should be willing to offer you a trial run—sometimes for free. This period will allow your medical practice to better familiarize itself with the services being offered and the people behind the services.

Allowing such time to adjust to the consultant’s personality, focus and abilities can only solidify the comfort level felt by both parties. To keep this level high, set meetings monthly or quarterly (depending on your timeline) to track to progress toward your goals.

Any lingering questions about the process? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We hope you’ve gained some insight into this process and are on track to finding a business consultant to meet your practice’s needs.