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I love creativity. My tendency is to use 2 words instead of 1 if the two sound better, look nicer, or have a more eloquent meaning. That said, this is probably as much of a curse as it may – in some circumstances – be a benefit.

The reason? People like plainspeak. And so do I.

Even as a [sometimes] verbose lover of creative phrasing, I still like things to be simple.  Less noise. More meaning. Easy. Value per square inch you might call it.

Here’s an example of this very concept from, a website which facilitates buzz around lists of stuff that people use from day-to-day. understands the need for simplicity, and I don’t need to look further than their Terms of Use page in order to see that they get it (and get me – the simple side of me at least):


















At the risk of a rap on the knuckles by their attorney I’m sure, has taken a stab at making things simple, clear, and understandable by “breaking down” their Terms into plain English.

I’m all for it.  While I haven’t used, and don’t know that I necessarily will, I can tell you that I like the way they think.  They think like me…at least in the super simplistic, think about my audience kind of way.