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Vantage just got better today, and I didn’t have much to do with it.

I have plenty of ideas about Vantage – where I’d like to see it go, how we can get it there – but at today’s staff meeting, I wanted to focus on one question, and wanted the answers to come from our collective team, not me.

The question: What are each of us doing to “WOW” our clients, and what could we be doing?

The answers (in no particular order):

  • Create an online forum / knowledge base which places commonly asked questions and procedures at our clients’ fingertips
  • Ask, “Is there anything I can help you with?” when a client calls for someone else, rather than simply taking a message
  • Use friendly greetings and closures for all email communications
  • Respond to all messages within two hours, even if just to let our client know that we are working on an answer
  • Create an internal “sounding board” for collaboration on challenging issues
  • Smile before picking up the phone
  • Ask our clients what we can do to serve them better, even if there is no problem to begin with

There were a few more, but this is the gist of the meeting.  We focused on one aspect – service – and the answers came from the team, not from one particular manager or leader.

We improved today at our staff meeting, and it was about as easy and fun as a meeting could be.  Thanks team, we’re better for it.