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There’s no worse feeling than letting a good idea get away. It’s happened to me many times, and had I just had a way of capturing the ideas when inspiration struck, who knows the difference they may have made in my practice, my family, or my life.

When inspiration strikes, use these simple tips to ensure that lost ideas are a thing of the past for you and your practice:

  1. Send yourself an email. When an idea crops up, shoot yourself a quick email or text message with the basics. And don’t worry about the details – they’ll come back to you as soon as you take time to revisit the idea later.
  2. Keep an idea folder. This can be done electronically or on paper, but just having a place to archive your ideas will help keep your ideas organized and accessible once recorded.
  3. Leave yourself voice mail. If you’re on the road and it’s not safe or feasible to capture your idea on paper or email, simply give yourself a call and leave a quick voice message with the essentials.
  4. Use a mobile voice recorder. Most mobile devices have recording features (or apps) that can quickly record and store brief voice clips. Using this feature on your device can be quick and easy, and your recordings can likely even be forwarded to email or your desktop for playback.

Getting organized in order to capture your ideas isn’t difficult, and doesn’t have to cost a dime. Put a few of these tips into place and gain the comfort of knowing that when inspiration strikes, you’ll be ready to grab it.

An edited version of this content was published in the March 2012 issue of Impact Magazine.