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As we’ve already established, trust is one of the most important components in the clinic owner/business consultant relationship. After all, the consultant will be privy to all sorts of private and confidential information regarding your practice, its finances, its people and its future strategic plans.

By thoroughly checking references, you’ve hopefully been able to establish the top contenders in your list of prospective consultants. Before moving forward in the process, however, request that each signs a non-disclosure agreement.

A non-disclosure agreement simply establishes that the information you share with each consultant moving forward is confidential. It further lays out the parameters for using such information in a professional sense—for projections, analysis, planning, etc.—and can go so far as outlining how confidential information is handled and stored.

Be weary of any professional consultant who balks at the signing of a non-disclosure agreement—this is certainly a red flag.

Non-disclosure agreements are relatively easy to produce, and it gives you the peace of mind you need to establish yet another layer of trust with perhaps a future business partner.

Next week: Understanding fee structures.