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Vantage management client Seaside Medical Practice is in a brand new office, and they’ve got a brand new look to accompany their move.

Dr. Nasimeh Yazdani is a well-loved and respected doctor in Santa Monica, CA. She founded Seaside Medical Practice in 2008, specializing in internal medicine and nephrology. The practice has grown (hence the move to a bigger office!) and now offers regenerative services, medical nutrition therapy, and concierge care.

We thought that it was the perfect time to update Seaside’s logo. Dr. Yazdani didn’t want to completely abandon the previous identity, but rather refine and update the mark, making it more professional & modern.

Seaside's Before and After

It was important for us and the client to be on the same page about the goals of our re-branding project. Some of the things we considered during the process:

1. Designing a mark that would work with or without accompanying text. We wanted to make sure that the “wave” was immediately recognized as the clinic, even without the words “Seaside Medical Practice.” And vice versa, does the text work alone, without the brandmark?

2. Does the logo work well in print, as well as on the web? Seaside has an active online presence, so we wanted to make sure that their social media platforms were branded out, as well.

3. Are we being cost-sensitive when designing? Making sure we didn’t design with more than a few spot colors ensures that the client won’t be hit with over-the-top custom printing charges when getting new signage, business cards, and other printed collateral. (What’s a spot color? It’s a specific mix of color that can be reproduced in exactly the same way at multiple printers. This way, we preserve brand integrity, ensuring that the colors we chose for the logo are exact.)

Here are a few more images from the process. What do you think of the new look?

Seaside's Logo in Progress