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We all understand the importance of hiring the right talent, but what happens once the right talent is on board? Is our work done? Not even close.

We hire individuals, but we should really be hiring for culture. Each person brought on board a private practice has unique attributes that make our teams diverse and interesting, but it’s important to realize that the culture created by these individuals will be the face of our business.

Cultural habits and norms define our practices, and we are wise to influence these as leaders among our teams. Creating a team culture that rewards hard work, cherishes our clients, and conveys a unique personality is key to creating a successful practice, and isn’t difficult to accomplish.

Once you’ve found the right talent, take the time to introduce them to the cultural behaviors that represent your practice accurately. Assign mentors to new staff and provide opportunities for team bonding and integration.

Spending a little time on culture will go a long way toward keeping your practice on track. It’s fun, rewarding, and can be the difference between a practice that survives, and one that thrives.

An edited version of this content was published in the February 2012 issue of Impact Magazine.