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As a practioner—no matter your specialty— you’ve been trained to ensure positive physical outcomes for your patients and clients. But let’s face it—as a medical professional, your business prowess may not be your strong suit.

While clients may appreciate your tenacious, goal-oriented approach to health and wellness, the light bill still has to be paid at the end of the month—and you have a lot more on your plate to worry about than that.

Besides a calendar full of appointments, there’s strategic planning, financial projections, billing, payroll, marketing … the list goes on. Whether you’re starting a fledgling practice, looking to expand your business or striving to better position yourself in the market, it’s perfectly OK to seek help.

You’re human; you can only be stretched so thin.

The willingness to turn to a professional business consultant for help is a significant step in the right direction, one that can put you on a faster track toward the goals of your practice. The right business consultant can step in and, based on need and budget, guide you toward the future you envision for yourself and your practice.

But be aware that business consultants come in all shapes, sizes, experiences and levels of expertise. The key is to find that most ideal match, a consultant who understands your needs as a medical professional and who can deliver results.

In Part 2 of our feature “Choosing a Business Consultant,” I’ll delve into the first of seven keys to finding the right match for you, your budget, and your practice.