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We’re lucky to work with such talented, funny, and hard-working folks here at Vantage. Valerie Shelton is the first friendly face you see as you come into the office, and she plays many roles—marketing strategist, office coordinator, go-to client contact, and master of complicated fax and phone lines. She deals with us asking 1,500 questions a day and keeps all of us on track. If you’re a Vantage client, you’ve definitely asked Valerie a question or twenty, and gotten a speedy response.

In her life away from work, Val is an amazing mom and active community advocate. She took some time out to answer a few of my questions—this time about herself!

How long have you been with Vantage?  I have been with Vantage since late October.

What brings you to beautiful Bend, Oregon?  All of the grandparents live here and I wanted my son to be close to them.  And for the most part, you can’t beat the weather.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. When you’re not providing excellent customer service here at Vantage, what do you like to do? I am pretty boring. (Editor’s note: Not true.)  I love to read a good book, play firefighter with my son, and fly fish. I am originally from Forest Grove, and hated the rain.  I have one son, who is three, and love to listen to his imaginative play and stories.  I am the youngest of three, and the aunt of two little boys.

Healthcare is changing. What is one thing you think Vantage is doing to improve the field?  I think Vantage allows clinicians to focus on the patient, without having to worry about day to day operations.

What’s your favorite thing about your relationship with clients?  My favorite thing about my relationship with patients is being able to help, whether a simple solution or one that requires detail, I know that being there can make their day a little easier.

And for fun…dream vacation spot?  The Galapagos Islands!

Thanks for taking the time to be interviewed, Valerie! Next week, we’ll introduce another member of the Vantage team.