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Breast cancer awareness is everywhere—just think about all those pink ribbons adorning everything from car antennas to NFL uniforms. Sure, the overwhelming successes of non-profit organizations like Avon’s Foundation for Women and The Susan G Komen foundation have helped heighten public interest in the issue, and have no doubt saved lives. That’s why recently, when asked to source artwork for a self-breast exam card for a client, I was genuinely surprised to find a lack of decent design material available for public use.

As with almost every type of cancer, early detection is critical to a successful fight against breast cancer. The self-breast exam is an easy way for women to understand some of those early red flags, from the comfort of their own home. Generally, when you see an illustrated “guide” to giving yourself a breast exam, there’s 1-3 illustrations of someone holding their arm up, arrows pointing different ways, and there may be a few accompanying bullet points to help aide the female through this private matter. A lot of the stock images available for use  look outdated or ill-prepared.

I was relieved to find Worldwide Breast Cancer’s take on designed material, using a lemon as the “object” in question. It works—it’s not ethnically specific, and avoids censorship in countries where images or illustrations of breasts may be prohibited. I love that they provide lo-res versions of their pamphlets and posters online. It’s the first time I’ve really been drawn to a campaign of this type, and as I approach my thirties, it seems like a better time than ever to get informed.

We’ll make sure to follow Worldwide Breast Cancer’s cause as we gear up for the Heaven Can Wait run in June!