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Tech blogs all over the web are posting about the latest and greatest apps and gadgets designed for healthcare. Fast Company’s design blog discusses the trend in an article today, saying, “people are taking more responsibility for their wellness. Designers can help by developing health care tech that’s fun to us.” A good call to action for designers. Did you know that the next iPhone is expected to launch with a built-in heart monitor? I didn’t, either!

We’ve come a long way since WebMD’s launch in 1999. (Of course, there’s a WebMD app.) Skin Scan is a medical app for your iPhone that scans and monitors moles over time in order to prevent skin cancer. Budgeting for healthcare stressing you out?  Cake Health and Simplee help users manage and track their healthcare dollars, making sense of confusing statements and muddled insurance jargon.

The technology boom in healthcare is happening with the help of organizations like Rock Health. They are the self-proclaimed “first seed-accelerator exclusively for health startups, providing capital, mentorship, operational support and office space in San Francisco”, helping kick-start projects that are dedicated to solving a health-related issue. It’s great to see a community around innovation in healthcare. Their cause is really inspirational!

We’ll be posting more interesting tech news related to healthcare, so stay tuned!