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Let me just preface this post by saying that I, Sarah Leigh, love shoes, and my love of shoes rarely has anything to do with Vantage Clinical Solutions.

But today, I read a blog post from Fast Company that married the two, and I just had to share this fantastic read with all of you who are looking for branding advice. In “Finding Your Brand’s ‘Red Sole'”, Josh Linkner discusses just how too many “good ideas” can dilute a brand.

Too often, power brands reach too far and end up diluting their message rather than bolstering it. They launch products or services into categories that undermine their distinction, and end up jumping the shark rather than driving real results.

Read this great short blog post here.

Any thoughts on how this applies to the medical field? When developing your brand, how can you focus on a central message, even if you actually provide many great services?