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Well, I’m back in the saddle (‘er, office chair) after attending PPS this past week, and boy do I feel good…seriously good.  I always feel refreshed after getting together with colleagues from across the country, but there is something about PPS that truly inspires.

For those that don’t know, the PPS Annual Conference is a once-a-year get-together of physical therapists in private practice from around the country.  It consists of brilliant seminars, workgroups, special interest group meetings, and more.  Not even counting the entertainment, it’s worth the price of admission.

The focus of the PPS Annual Conference is predominantly on the improvement of private practice administration and ownership, two facets of healthcare that I’m particularly interested in.

I attended some great seminars, including “Succeeding at Partnership: The ‘New Partner’ Perspective,” by Paul Welk, PT, JD, Travis Lytle, PT, and Tracy Ervin, PT; and “The Electronic Medical Record: Keys to Successful Implementation,” by Stephen Levin PT, MSHA, and Helene Fearon, PT.  Thanks to these awesome presenters for such valuable information and audience engagement during their sessions.

I also had the privilege of presenting on two very important topics in healthcare today: marketing and finance.  On Wednesday, I held a pre-conference course titled, “Building Brand Identity: How to Make Your Brand Shine Brighter and Last Longer,” for those PT’s and administrators that were able to make it to the PPS conference a day early.  I had a blast during the talk, and REALLY appreciated the great interaction and engagement brought to the course by course participants.  As much as I show up to teach what I know, I always leave feeling more complete and well informed for the great contributions of my colleagues who share in the same interests.

If you attended the Building Brand Identity course, don’t forget to visit our Building Brand Identity page to access course downloads, as well as the course forums for continuation of the brand discussion.

On Saturday, I participated in the first ever PPS Administrators Certification Program, providing a seminar called, “Financial Management of PT Practice: Financial Accounting and Projections for Use in Physical Therapy Administration.”  Other than the fact that the course started Saturday morning and had to compete not only with the entertainment had by all on Friday night, but also the kickoffs of several important college football games, it was a complete success.  Seriously though, I was pleased – if not surprised – to have such a tremendous showing, even into the late hours of the afternoon.  Talk about die-hard administrators!

If you attended the Financial Accounting and Projections course, visit our Financial Management of PT Practice page to access course downloads, as well as the course forums for continuation of the finance discussion.  Note that this includes the Market Analysis 101 handouts as well, which we discussed during the class (my little bonus gift!).

So, back from the conference, refreshed and inspired, I can only begin to look forward to next year’s conference in Las Vegas.  If given the opportunity to speak again, I’ll request only that any Saturday morning lectures be attended by the conference programming committee, and that they bring coffee for everyone 🙂