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Vantage Clinical Solutions is excited to announce their relocation to an expanded office location which features several security enhancements for the protection of client and patient information.  In May of this year, Vantage relocated their headquarters to 1567 SW Chandler Avenue, Suite 202, Bend, OR  97702, in order to improve the security and efficiency of operations for their clients nationwide.

Through Vantage Management and Vantage Consulting, Vantage Clinical Solutions now serves clients in over 20 states through their main headquarters in Bend, OR.  Their new facility boasts improved security through an after-hours dual lock and alarm mechanism which secures client and patient information at both the facility and suite level.  Other enhancements to the Vantage Clinical Solutions office include an isolated and climate regulated server room, a private conference room, an expanded reception area, and private offices for medical billing operations, and Vantage administration.

Vantage Clinical Solutions is actively serving clients nationwide and we are happy to serve you through our comprehensive menu of management, consulting, and marketing services.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone at (541) 550-7291 or  toll-free at (888) 827-5613.