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I was recently interviewed for an article which was published in the Carolina Journalism Network, titled “Physicians move out of private practice,” a story by Laura Montini.  The interview was prompted by an article I wrote for The Healthcare Entrepreneur Blog titled, “Time to throw in the towel on private practice…or is it?”

Click here to visit the article (excerpt below).

As an advocate of entrepreneurship, Quatre said that doctors should not lose hope on keeping their private practices afloat.

“When the owner of a practice has a vested interest in seeing the practice succeed, that’s an equation where incentives are alive in a way that has a real natural benefit to the community,” Quatre said.

There is still a place for more entrepreneurial practice owners in health care, he said.

“It’s not time to throw in the towel.”

Via: Physicians move out of private practice | Carolina Journalism Network.