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A Vantage Clinical Solutions client, PEG’s Group, was recently featured on News 12 Brooklyn.  The feature, seen here on YouTube, is a great example of leveraging the media to help communicate the value of services offered by healthcare providers.  Media releases such as this are a win-win for the media outlet, the promoted business (you), and the community.  Everybody learns, everybody benefits.

I love to brag about our entrepreneurial clients, and PEG’s Group certainly is one of them.  PEG’s Group was founded by Kathy Gurland, and consists of an independent group of Cancer Navigation Consultants™, who provide personal education, guidance, and support for individuals affected by cancer in the New York City area.  PEG’s Group is a unique source of personalized support and guidance for persons and family members afflicted by a cancer diagnosis, and a group to whom you can turn to assist with the location of resources and options to make your encounter with cancer as successful as possible.