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Try this out…go to Google and type in “Domino’s Pizza.”  Do it now, this might not work forever.

Your first result will be – as it should be.  Result two might be another legitimate Domino’s page (or sub-page from within their main company domain).  Result three (on my computer) is the following: “YouTube – Disgusting Dominos People.”  Hmmm…not great press, wonder what happened – let’s click to see

Looks like some Domino’s execs acted quickly to get the video removed, but not soon enough to prevent more than one million YouTube viewers witnessing a couple of Domino’s employees from N.C. doing the unthinkable to soon-to-be-delivered food items.  Yes, mucus was involved.

Come to find out, the food was never delivered – or so they say.  But guess what, the damage is done.  No matter what Domino’s does to unwind this mess created by a couple of immature, disgruntled, or malicious employees (whatever their reason), they can’t undo this.  Want to put a price tag on the incident?  I bet we’re talking millions.  Easily.

Though there are many lessons to be learned by this unfortunate incident – the main one is very simple, and very evident:  While social media can instantaneously build fame and fortune – it can destroy decades of reputation and loyalty in the same instant.  Understand it, train your staff, and put policies in place that clearly outline ground rules for use of social media for your company.

Oh, and Domino’s response to the incident…you can follow that on Twitter.

Social networking is for real.  In healthcare too.


Tannus Quatre PT, MBA is a private practice consultant and principal with Vantage Clinical Solutions, Inc., a nationwide healthcare consulting and management firm located in Bend, OR and Denver, CO.  Tannus specializes in the areas of healthcare marketing, strategy, and finance, and can be reached through the Vantage Clinical Solutions website.