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Catch The Healthcare Entrepreneur on Twitter

OK, so you might not Twit, but you’ve probably heard of it.  If you read The Healthcare Entrepreneur you’ve heard about Twitter here and here

Whether you’re a believer or not, Twitter is for real, and Twitter is for health care.  Face it, health care is a service business.  Service businesses – by nature – involve people.  People provide the services, people receive the service, and…well, you get it.

Where you’ve got people, you’ve got communication, and where you’ve got communication you’ve got culture.  Well, Twitter is a growing part of our culture, and for those who like to stay connected, Twitter is one good way to do it.  I blogged about how health care facilities are using Twitter to stay connected here, and today I came across this great paper about the business basics of Twitter, and thought I would share it with you here.

It’s a great how-to, why-to, and when-to, so give it a quick read if you think Twit might have a use for you (or the other way around).

Hat-tip to Dr. Philippa Kennealy over at The Entrepreneurial MD for the find.


Tannus Quatre PT, MBA is a practice consultant and principal with Vantage Clinical Solutions, Inc., a national healthcare consulting and management firm based in Oregon and Colorado.  Tannus can be reached through the Vantage Clinical Solutions website by clicking here.