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I know, I know…the world is changing fairly fast if sites like MySpace, YouTube, and FaceBook are becoming staples of modern marketing.  It wasn’t that long ago that these social media sites were just being borne of the interest of teens and 20-somethings as a way to stay connected and find a date.

Well, when CNN embraced YouTube as a central cog to the 2008 Presidential election I think we all began to see a shift.  These sites are legit, and if you want to get the word out there about your medical practice, you’d better recognize this sooner than later.

Twitter is one of the latest social networking sites that offers users a way to stay connected with friends, and keep in touch with the businesses that are part of their lives.  At The Healthcare Entrepreneur you can be that we Twit (see original Twitter post here), and will continue to in the days ahead.

Here is an excellent article from HealthLeaders Media that showcases the way that hospitals and health systems are staying connected with their communities through Twitter – It’s a great read and I highly recommend it if you’ve never considered Twitter an “impact player” in the marketing strategy for your healthcare practice.

Backus Hospital, a community hospital in Norwich, CT, recently got me to click through to its site merely by mentioning it had posted pictures of its first baby of the New Year. Who doesn’t love babies? The photos are really sweet and also show the hospital in a warm, intimate, friendly, and caring light.

Some other ways the community hospital is using Twitter:

  • Asking general questions to engage its audience. (If Sanjay Gupta becomes the U.S. Surgeon General, what would you ask him?)
  • Posting safety tips (change those smoke alarm batteries).
  • Posting health reminders (get those flu shots).
  • Providing links to cross-promote other products (read our monthly health magazine).