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Staying brief and to the point is tough when you’ve got a lot to say.  And having a lot to say comes naturally when you’re passionate about what you’re doing.  In healthcare, this creates a bit of a problem as we are most likely here because we love our professions, and not because we fell easily into them.

So, following this line of thinking, most of us can easily slip into a full discourse when describing to people what it is we do and why our services are the best available.  Of course, we have the best intentions; but do we have the best approach?  Not usually.

Regardless of how much you believe in your services, and no matter how many different reasons there are for someone to come to your practice, don’t be afraid to just choose one at a time (or very few).

We are over-saturated with marketing messages in our daily lives, and in order for us to get anything done in the face of countless sales pitches and advertisements we tune them out — and we start with those that are the most confusing and least relevant.

The best approach is to focus on only one or two aspects of your practice when telling your market about your services.  Down the line you’ll have another chance to focus on something else.  Your ability to lure a new patient into your practice by focusing on one or two elements that are relevant to your market is much greater than your ability to lure all patients into your clinic by telling everyone about everything.  It’s best to focus on getting a few “targets” in the door, then let your service and quality do the rest.

This article from Zero-G Creative does a good job of outlining the KISS principle as it relates to marketing.  Keeping it simple is the only way to go when marketing your healthcare practice — it’s easier for you, and less “noise” for your patients.

So if you have five things to say, consider sending a series of five postcards instead of just one. That way, instead of sending the same bad postcard month after month, you can send a series of good ones, each giving your audience a little bigger view of your offerings until they have the whole picture. Frequency of communication is a key to success in marketing, but it only helps when your message and call to action are clear and easy to read in the first place.