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Given the current economic environment, here is a great reminder from Peter Lucash for all of us who “lead” healthcare practices.

Now is the time where staff needs to see – and hear – your confidence and plans going forward. You are in a position to be a calming influence and a reassurance – to the extent that you can – that together the group will continue to work through these difficult times.  

You may want to have a short, all hands meeting to reassure and invigorate the troops. You can be honest – expenses will be held back, you will see about raises as things play out this fall, and that you are able to pay the staff and the bills. You want your staff to come away with the message that your plan to work through the recession is to focus on what you do – focusing on caring for patients, a focus that will pay off in better patient care, a firmer patient and service base, and financial position for the practice.