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How’s this for a healthcare policy trifecta? – Gift bans for pharma reps, $25 million in EMR incentives for private practices, and university requirements to boost primary care graduates.  Three big issues in healthcare today…one clean law to deal with them.

Tackling major issues in healthcare policy isn’t easy, and tackling three large ones with one fell swoop is quite ambitious.  Pushed forward by Senate President Therese Murray, the new Massachusetts law was signed into law yesterday by Governor Deval Patrick.

The law is just the beginning however, and much more planning will be required to achieve what the law intends over the coming years.  Read more about the law at the Boston Globe.

Patrick’s Human Services Secretary JudyAnn Bigby said that while universal health insurance is an important goal, the current system is lacking if everyone cannot get access to quality care, or premiums and out-of-pocket costs become too costly for patients.

“We have to make sure that people have access to high quality care and that we are being efficient in the way we pay for that care and that we are paying for the right things,” Bigby said in an interview. The law Patrick signed yesterday “puts the challenge to those of us who have to implement it to do more planning.”