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PT Magazine Cover - June 2008Last month, Vantage was featured on the cover of PT Magazine in an article that focused on the topic of “healthcare consumerism.”  Healthcare consumerism is the shift toward the treatment of patients as “consumers” of their healthcare services, rather than simply passive recipients in their care.  As a result, the focus of many [smart] private practice owners is on the development of services and environments of care that will create loyalty and satisfaction among their patients.

Here is a link to the article – Thank you to PT Magazine for their coverage of such a relevant topic to today’s healthcare environment.

In traditional industry, says Quatre, businesses compete for customers by either lowering prices or improving product quality-say, by building a better widget. “In health care it’s much different because you can have a different service based on your training, your staff, your expertise, and so forth, but can you charge more for that because the quality’s a lot better? Your hands are tied to some extent, unless you’re on a strictly cash-based model. To compete for the customer, what you really need to do is make it an experience with which they would prefer to be involved.”